Exciting Stuff!…

Today I was excited about the cleaning the kitchen floor…I have a new mop.

Sometimes, when you work from home and don’t get out much, this is as exciting as it gets….


Another day…

Back to school and back to work!
8am – large puddle emerging by the sink.
Issue resolved – the waste pipe had been unhinged and has flooded out the cupboard.
I decide that if that is going to be the worst thing that happens today then this is all good!
I mop the offending puddle whilst tying up hair and shoe laces and after a head count we leave for school.
Still out of breath I start work immediately after my return. I am very lucky to have a home based job so that I can juggle my work/children scenario. However it has been known that my job load doesn’t always stimulate my brain cells as much as I would hope, so occasionally I try and trick myself by moving my packet of biscuits just out of reach, just to check that I am still alive. I also schedule in coffee breaks, one at 9:20am and one at 11:45. I look forward to these immensely.
I check the fridge door whilst working to check for sticky notes. The more grown up members of the household ( Number 2 + 3 and Number 2 +1 (also affectionately known as Number 2’s girlfriend) have been instructed to attach a note with which days of the week they would like tea.
There is an outdated note from Number 2 + Number 2 +1 but they tell me that it still counts for this week and that I should know that.
Nothing from Number 3, I rack my brain trying to remember what the plan was for tonight.
I feel 75% certain that it’s just 4 for tea not the usual 7. That’s easier I think. Issue dealt with. Its hours before it crosses my mind again and I remember I didn’t get the meat out of the freezer – new issue…