My phone has stopped working properly. I can use it for everything all except the one thing it’s supposed to do – RING, I cannot take calls as the ring sound will not work.


We have the house up for sale, and the car, so this is not helpful at all. I have to watch the phone just in case someone might be thinking about trying to call.


The sound is fine for text and also the alarm so I know it could work if it wanted to.

No, this is not helpful at all.



Where has my period gone?
As I contemplate baby number 6 I think about googling it to see whether anybody else has 6 children and swiftly decide not to bother!
As a child I wanted to be like The Waltons but in reflection, as an adult, I’m not sure that it is a very good idea anymore.
10 pregnancy tests – all negative – body suggesting different.
On one of the tests I have a horizontal line instead of a vertical line, in the instructions there is no mention of any sort of horizontal line!
I call the help-line and ask for help reading the results. The lady says any line in that window means it’s a positive.
‘Oh my gosh I say, are you sure?’
‘Yes.’ she says.
‘Certain?’ I say.
‘Please wait a moment.’ she says.
Minutes pass.
‘A horizontal line is a negative.’ she says.
‘Oh my gosh I say, are you sure?’
‘Yes.’ she says.
‘Certain?’ I say.
‘Yes.’ she says.
I’m left uncertain of which option she was surer of so I’m left none the wiser.
So where has my period gone – last seen 42 days ago?
I text my Bestie – she doesn’t know.
I speak to the nurse on the telephone – she doesn’t know, she suggests I wait another week.
I wait a week and speak to the doctor – she doesn’t know and suggests I wait another week.
I ask the pharmacist – he doesn’t know and suggests I wait another week.
For a person who can set her watch too her (far too) regular monthly’s this is very unsettling.
I google everything and anything about early pregnancy symptoms from early flutters to Montgomery Tubercles like a novice, I have them all, or at least I do now after reading about them.
I am considerably older as new mothers are concerned – I should know better, I do know better but with so much information to absorb from the net my mind has boggled and now I just don’t know.
I research everything except the pros or the cons of having 6 children!


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