No Pink Here Please!

Numbers 4 and 5 return home from school and I tell them I have bought them some new clothes.
They excitedly scurry off upstairs.
Five minutes later I hear wails from Number 4. Thinking she has hurt herself I zoom up the stairs at great speed.
‘What’s the matter?’ I say whilst conducting a quick survey over her for visible injuries.
Such is her sorrow (or pain) she can’t catch her breath.
I start to feel anxious, like this is really bad. Eventually she calms down and manages to utter a few words.
‘You bought me a pink t-shirt,’ she sobs, ‘I hate pink.’


Spider Nightmare…

I woke up with a start in the middle of the night needing to find something or other under my pillow.
Looking for whatever I was looking for I came across a big black spider running around under there!
‘Oh My God!’ I screeched.
‘What’s up?’ said The husband.
‘There’s a bloody great big spider running around under my pillow’ I said.
The spider was going crazy running round and round in circles.
‘You’re just dreaming,’ he said, ‘go back to sleep.’
‘Oh ok.’ I said and settled back down to sleep.
Five minutes later and The husband was making a great deal of noise trying to get out of the bedroom
‘What are you doing?’ I say.
‘Putting the spider out,’ he says, ‘it was running over my pillow.’

Trying to Conceive…again…

I am officially a POAS (Pee on a stick!) addict.
It seems like if you have a selection of LH & HCG tests in house then you get an overriding compulsion to pee on them, even when unnecessary.
I consult the forums on said subject and this appears to be a common compulsion.

PMS again…

PMS driving me crazy, worst in a long time – probably my body is trying to tell me how ridiculous it is to try and put it through another pregnancy – I think it must feel insulted.
Keeping a log of my cycle symptoms (because everyone else on-line seems to be) entries so far consist of – ‘Feel Crap’.
The doctor had previously said that my regular 18 day cycle with heavy bleeding is perfectly normal.
Further research suggests that it is actually quite far from normal.
I will leave Doctor a note for internet research on such matters if I happen to die from excessive blood loss meanwhile…

Testing Time at School…


Usually joyful and happy Number 5 went to school sad and anxious today – tests.


I wonder if it was the same person who thoughts that testing primary age children is the same person who decided that parents couldn’t be trusted to take their children out of school for a week of their choosing for an annual holiday that they could actually afford?


I expect so.

I would love to meet with that person…