My phone has stopped working properly. I can use it for everything all except the one thing it’s supposed to do – RING, I cannot take calls as the ring sound will not work.


We have the house up for sale, and the car, so this is not helpful at all. I have to watch the phone just in case someone might be thinking about trying to call.


The sound is fine for text and also the alarm so I know it could work if it wanted to.

No, this is not helpful at all.

Another day…

Back to school and back to work!
8am – large puddle emerging by the sink.
Issue resolved – the waste pipe had been unhinged and has flooded out the cupboard.
I decide that if that is going to be the worst thing that happens today then this is all good!
I mop the offending puddle whilst tying up hair and shoe laces and after a head count we leave for school.
Still out of breath I start work immediately after my return. I am very lucky to have a home based job so that I can juggle my work/children scenario. However it has been known that my job load doesn’t always stimulate my brain cells as much as I would hope, so occasionally I try and trick myself by moving my packet of biscuits just out of reach, just to check that I am still alive. I also schedule in coffee breaks, one at 9:20am and one at 11:45. I look forward to these immensely.
I check the fridge door whilst working to check for sticky notes. The more grown up members of the household ( Number 2 + 3 and Number 2 +1 (also affectionately known as Number 2’s girlfriend) have been instructed to attach a note with which days of the week they would like tea.
There is an outdated note from Number 2 + Number 2 +1 but they tell me that it still counts for this week and that I should know that.
Nothing from Number 3, I rack my brain trying to remember what the plan was for tonight.
I feel 75% certain that it’s just 4 for tea not the usual 7. That’s easier I think. Issue dealt with. Its hours before it crosses my mind again and I remember I didn’t get the meat out of the freezer – new issue…

New Car?

Number 2 wants to take out a loan for a car.
I don’t get it!
We are a family that pays for things with money – usually our own. If we want something we save and then we enjoy it. We do not have the ‘nice thing’ then moan about paying for it for 3 years after the fact, long after we’re bored with it.
He shows me a picture of this anticipated purchase. It’s a nice car. As a family we all like nice cars.
I try to point out how much happier he would be with the car if he saved hard and then went out nice car shopping with his well earnt cash in his pocket.
He snarls.
I point out that he also wanted to get a mortgage in the next few years. He says he can do both.
There is not enough money in his piggy bank, and I have no idea why at his age he can’t add up as he actually did rather well in his exams.
I point this out and that unfortunately in life you cannot always have all the things you want immediately, and that sometimes things take time but that this only makes them taste sweeter.
I suggest that if he maybe gets on with studying for his vocational exams then he will finish them quicker and have more money – voila!
Not voila.
He sulks and shows me another fabulous interest rate that he’s found and I take that as my cue to not discuss further.
We initiate a standoff about this subject matter!

Family Meeting…



Due to some unresolved difficulties I call a family meeting.


I inform Number 2 that he is an adult and in some way, shape, or form there is a general expectation that he contribute to the running of the household.


He is not happy and runs a list of reasons of why he shouldn’t have to.


I remind him that he actually earns more than I do, and that storing all your money away in savings is not classified as the ‘essential expenditure’ as he had categorised it.


I also have to tell him that it is not ok for him to take the fence down (just because he has decided he can) and use the back garden as a parking space because he has nowhere to park his car.


We reach an acceptable level of agreement and we move attention over to Number 3.


Number 3 has been refusing to go to school.


We remind him that as I am responsible for him that it is I that would have to go to prison if he continues not attending.


He says that he doesn’t really care and is not going to go anyway.


I briefly wonder if perhaps a break away might be quite nice however I have to consider that there would be no-one at home to do the washing or cook the tea.


We tell him that this is a serious matter and that he actually will be going to school and whether he makes that easy or difficult – is up to him, but he will be going.

I also remind him to flush the toilet after use.

Meeting adjourned.



Period arrives with gusto on Day 45!
Maybe I did really want a baby, I just hadn’t properly realised it yet.
Decided that I probably didn’t want another one, so it is probably for the best. The husband agrees, we decide to focus on ‘grown up’ activities instead – like gardening and kid-less day trips.
I buy an ovulation kit…

Not Getting Anywhere!

Doctor’s appointment was a waste of time, no blood tests unless an ectopic pregnancy is suspected, no scan unless I’ve had a positive test. I managed to persuade him to do another test – negative.
He suggests I wait another couple of weeks!
I leave the doctors feeling like an idiot.
Husband says not to worry as we weren’t really trying anyway – I suggest that daily, unprotected *** probably doesn’t constitute as ‘not trying’, even if we hadn’t actually outwardly acknowledged it!
We talk baby names and discuss sleepless nights…