School Holiday Hike…

Thinking of holidays I have a look on-line, the school summer break is approaching fast.

On the first site I see a hike in prices of nearly £600 for the week before the schools break up and for the very next week that falls within the school holidays, for the same accommodation and in the very same place.

I look to see if there have been any major refurbishments between these 2 dates? Nope.

Any extra incentives offered? Nope.

Food added? Nope.

Guaranteed good weather? Nope.

They can keep it then, I’ll stay at home…!


Here We Go Again!…

Eggs did not listen (typical of my spawn), and today I have received 2 very faint positives on the pregnancy tests!
I show The Husband.
‘Is this it then?’ he says.
‘No I’m not convinced yet,’ I say. ‘I’ll do another one later to check.’
Another 2 tests follow – both negative!…

Blah, Blah, Blah…

Hugely stressful week/weekend.
I have no pregnancy symptoms whatsoever and if I judge by all these forums that I’m addicted to then I am the only one.
After the week I have had I wouldn’t be surprised if my eggs (if I still have any) have not wrapped themselves up in an impenetrable wrap of cling-film and are not, as I write, screaming ‘please don’t fertilize me’ as they hurl themselves at full speed towards the exit.
Enough said

Are They or Not?…

I’m trying to work but I need to see if Amanda and Lucy have got their BFP (Big Fat Positives!).
After listing their symptoms on an on-line forum from pre-ovulation right up to the dreaded AF I feel their angst.
I don’t know Amanda or Lucy but I can’t rest or become productive until I’ve read the four pages of posts they’ve written to know if they are pregnant or not.
They are and I am excited for Amanda and Lucy even though I still don’t know who they are!

No Pink Here Please!

Numbers 4 and 5 return home from school and I tell them I have bought them some new clothes.
They excitedly scurry off upstairs.
Five minutes later I hear wails from Number 4. Thinking she has hurt herself I zoom up the stairs at great speed.
‘What’s the matter?’ I say whilst conducting a quick survey over her for visible injuries.
Such is her sorrow (or pain) she can’t catch her breath.
I start to feel anxious, like this is really bad. Eventually she calms down and manages to utter a few words.
‘You bought me a pink t-shirt,’ she sobs, ‘I hate pink.’

Spider Nightmare…

I woke up with a start in the middle of the night needing to find something or other under my pillow.
Looking for whatever I was looking for I came across a big black spider running around under there!
‘Oh My God!’ I screeched.
‘What’s up?’ said The husband.
‘There’s a bloody great big spider running around under my pillow’ I said.
The spider was going crazy running round and round in circles.
‘You’re just dreaming,’ he said, ‘go back to sleep.’
‘Oh ok.’ I said and settled back down to sleep.
Five minutes later and The husband was making a great deal of noise trying to get out of the bedroom
‘What are you doing?’ I say.
‘Putting the spider out,’ he says, ‘it was running over my pillow.’