It’s raining again…

The Husband and I were due to go out.

‘But it’s raining.’ He said.

‘That’s ok,’ I said, ‘we can just take the car.’

‘No we can’t do that.’ He said.

‘No?’ I said.

‘No, I’ve only just washed it and I don’t want to get it wet.’



Early wake-up!…

The doorbell rang at 4:35am Sunday morning.

Panic swept over me, it must mean bad news.

I look out the window but can’t see anything, of course I didn’t have my contact lenses in so couldn’t see anything anyway.

I woke The Husband to tell him there was someone at the door. We waited for it to ring again but it didn’t.

‘It’s ok,’ He said, ‘Go back to sleep.’

I fell back into an uneasy sleep.

Next day I asked Number 2 if he heard the doorbell.

‘Oh yes,’ He said, ‘it was 2 + 1.’

‘At half past four in the morning???’ I exclaimed.

‘Yes, she was missing me,’ he said, ‘that’s cute isn’t it.’


A Lovely Family Day Out!

I felt we needed a family day out. It was Saturday and no one was doing much.

I knocked on Number 2’s bedroom door.

‘We’re going out,’ I said, ‘are you coming?’

‘What time is it?’ He said.

‘Half nine.’ I said.

‘Oh my God,’ he said, ‘why are you in my room at half past nine.’

‘Get up,’ I said, ‘let’s go out, it’ll be fun.’

‘No it won’t,’ he said, ‘I’ve got no money anyway.’

‘I’ll pay,’ I said, ‘get up.’


‘Talk to me about it in an hour.’ He said.

Number 3 – ‘I’m not coming I’m going out.’ He said.

‘Come with us, it’ll be fun.’ I say.

‘No, I don’t want to.’ He said.

‘That’s a shame,’ I said, ‘I was looking forward to a family day out.’

‘My bike is broke, can you help me out with it? If you can we can pop it to the shop to get fixed and then I’ll come with you.’

‘Fine.’ I say.

Conclusion – eventually a great day was had by all!

What now?!

What’s happening this time!

So after the ectopic pregnancy I managed to have one monthly (af) after the initial post-surgery bleed, I have skipped cycle 2 completely and am now late for cycle 3.

I’m not pregnant.

I called the doctor – she doesn’t know and I have to call back in 2 day’s time if nothing has occurred meanwhile although I have no idea what she is going to do about it!

I have read handfuls of forum posts and the main concerns are as to when your first bleed might happen after surgery – then nothing. No one has really mentioned skipping periods after that.

Does anyone know?

I have been thinking about what my chances may be of trying again and have concluded the following:

Aged, mouldy old eggs + 1 less fallopian tube + disappearing monthly’s + 2/1 chance of miscarriage = zero chance whatsoever!

Where’s my newsletter?!…

The school newsletter has gone awry.
Every Friday, during term-time for 17 years I have had a newsletter.

I look forward to seeing if my (whichever) little one has done something to deserve a mention. I also like to write down the forthcoming important dates so I don’t miss anything.

And now it’s gone, just like that!

I feel bereft.

How am I supposed to keep my diary in check, how am I meant to know when to send money in for cake sale day?
How am I meant to know when I should take a day off because they’ve stuck an Inset day right in the middle of term time?

I feel panicked. I need a hard copy as e-mails aren’t cutting it.

I phone the school and she assures me she will deal with it.

3 more queries and I still have no newsletter.

I give them an alternative email so at last I receive a newsletter – once – then it’s gone again.

Months later and I still have no newsletter and I have no idea who is supposed to be when or where, what is occurring at any given time, or anything about anything at all!

Breast Clinic Update…

I received the letter to attend the breast clinic on my return from hospital after my surgery to remove my ectopic pregnancy.

The appointment was for 4 days later.

The next day I called the clinic and told the lady I wished to cancel, I explained about the operation and also that I felt that probably the lumps were pregnancy related. I felt that once the pregnancy hormones subsided then the lumps would (hopefully) disappear.

She said that I should still attend the appointment to get it checked, but still I felt like it would still be a waste of everyone’s time. Also I felt weak and drained from losing the pregnancy and emotionally dead.

I probably wouldn’t have cared much if my head had fallen off at the time.

I told her to go ahead and cancel the appointment as I wanted the appointment to be available for someone who needed it more.

The day after the appointment the breast clinic rang.

‘You missed your appointment yesterday,’ she said, ‘we would like you to make another one.’


I explained that I had made sure I had cancelled the appointment as I wanted to make sure that the appointment time could be made available for someone else to make use of.

‘Ok,’ she said. The message hadn’t got through to the right department.


‘Please make an appointment to see your doctor.’ She said.

A few days later the doctor rang.

‘Please make an appointment to come and see me.’


At the appointment the doctor said how sorry she was to hear how the pregnancy ended.

‘I didn’t expect that.’ She said.

‘I did,’ I said, ‘but no one would listen to me.’

‘Yes,’ she said, ‘you said something was wrong didn’t you.’


She gave me a breast examination.

‘All clear.’ She said, ‘no need for referral.’

‘That’s great.’ I said.

‘Are you feeling ok with everything?’ she says.

‘No,’ I said, ‘I feel completely crap.’

‘I’d be very happy to give you a sick note for a while.’

‘No thanks, I have to work. I’m self-employed and a sick note won’t cut it.’

A week later I miss a call and am freaked out completely when a message is left on the answerphone from the doctor’s surgery asking me to call.

‘The doctor would like you to make an appointment to come and see her.’

‘Why?’ I say when I phone them back, ‘I only saw her last week.’

‘Oh,’ she says, ‘for a breast examination.’

‘Another one?’ I say, ‘I only had one last week!’

‘Oh did you,’ she says, ‘let me have a look. Oh yes no problem then.’