I wouldn’t be a daffodil!

‘If I was a daffodil I wouldn’t bother coming out in this weather, it’s far too cold,’ The Husband announced.

‘Oh, ok!’


The best thing in the world?

I asked – If you could have anything in the whole world, what would you chose?

Number 2 – A Lamborghini.

Number 3 – The best moped ever.

Number 4 – A horse.

Number 5 – A really big lasagne.

I made bread!

It snowed. Everyone else had eaten all the bread in the shops. I fell into despair. What would I feed everyone!

I had flour and yeast, there was only one thing for it. I made bread.

ok, so it took all afternoon to produce a batch of 12 rolls but out of the oven came 12 (nearly) perfect looking rolls that looked, surprisingly, good enough to eat.

Today they have gone to school/work with freshly made home baked crusty rolls (they were meant to be crusty) and I feel like a hero!


Thanks for that!

I got home to find a card through the door from the police.

It stated that it was an urgent matter relating to Number 2’s car and that he should contact them straight away.

My heart sunk. Number 2 was at work.

I text him but he didn’t reply.

I text Number 2 + 1 but she didn’t reply.

My mind was going overdrive with possibilities. What if he wasn’t at work? What if something had happened? Where was his car? Was he in it? There were so many possibilities and none of them good.

Eventually he called me, then he called the station. He called me back.
There was an issue with his number plate and it needed to be amended straight away!

Here is my note…

‘I am his mother and THAT IS NOT URGENT, you scared me half to death!’

It doesn’t get any easier!



Over-cheesed – a severe over-indulgence in cheese of no particular type.

It has recently come to my attention that none of my clothes are fitting, my hems are heading skywards. The buttons have jumped inwards.

I tried on several occasions to tell myself that I have shrunk them (all!), but the reality is that over the Christmas period as a result of the ending of a (majority) crap year I drowned my sorrows…in cheese.

I have over-cheesed.

Cheddar, brie, stilton. I didn’t care which, I simply ate it all up and now as spring is hedging just around the corner I am paying the price.

My backside has seemed to have gained a new momentum all of its own and has a swagger that appears independent to the rest of my body, it’s like an unfortunate echo to each (heavy) step I take. It wants new clothes but it’s not getting them!

Now I have to do something about it and it’s tough.

I want cheese but I ate an orange instead. It was ok for a few minutes but I’m still thinking about cheese and chocolate and everything else that I need to stop eating…


Packed Lunch Pickle…

Making packed lunches for everyone takes some brain power…every single day!

3 out of the 4 like ham. 1 of those 3 only likes thin ham, another will only eat thick cut.

Only 1 likes cheese, another will eat it but only if it’s with ham (thick cut, definitely not thin!).

2 like cucumber, but only 1 likes tomato.

2 out of four like turkey.

3 like mayo and 2 like salad cream, but still, that all depends on the sandwich and apparently the bread.

1 will only eat rolls or wraps, no bread or pittas allowed.

Sometimes I make pasta salad. 3 will eat it. 1 won’t eat it if there’s not enough mayo, 1 won’t eat it if there is too much mayo or a hint of a vegetable in sight.

And pickle? I don’t even want to think about that. I think some of them might like it on something at sometime…but right now I have no idea who!


Have your cake…

I made some cakes, 2 loaf sponges, 1 plain sponge and 1 cherry.

At different times one by one everyone came into the kitchen.

‘Oh, they look nice,’ they all said, ‘what’s in them?’

‘One is plain, the other is cherry.’ I said.

‘Which is which?’ they said.

‘The cherry one is the one with cherries in it!’ I said.