Spider Hop!…

Number 2 didn’t arrive home at the expected time. He doesn’t really have to as he’s an adult now but I still like to know where he is and what time he’ll be home. I wait until nearly 11pm then I text him.

‘Ok?’ I say.

‘Yes,’ he says, ‘I’m staying at 2 + 1’s tonight.’

‘Oh ok,’ I say, ‘have a nice time and I’ll see you tomorrow then.’

‘Ok.’ He says.

I start drifting off, 15 minutes later I hear the unmistakable roar of his car outside and then heavy footsteps up the stairs.

‘Ok?’ I call out.

He doesn’t hear me so I text instead.


‘Yes, there was a spider in the bedroom, we couldn’t stay there so we thought we’d stay here instead.’

‘Oh ok.’ I said.

Author: methemandmayhem

Lucky mum of 5 great kids and wife to a great husband. Life has not always been smooth, we have our ups and downs but we've never been out! Here's me looking (where possible) for the bests bits. My questions and searching for some answers...

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