The Start in a Muddle of Unfortunate Events…

So my pregnancy didn’t go as planned and I will be adding my diary of events on my blog because I want to get it off my chest, and as it was a catalogue of disasters my record may (somehow, perhaps) help someone else, so please don’t read if they might be a trigger for you or if you prefer reading happier things. I will return to happy posts in-between. These posts will most certainly contain TMI.

And it starts here…

There is blood.
Not the usual sort and not much but it’s still there, something sort of, but in a weirder form.

The Husband is not alarmed.

The Bestie offers some theories.

I feel panicked and queasy.

I put myself to bed and fall asleep in half a second.

So I have spots, blood and milk. I am exhausted to the extent that I can’t even be bother to think.

The cause – something only a few weeks old and that, apparently, is the size of a poppy seed.

I wonder what it will be able to do by the time its 18 because it’s really clever so far!


Author: methemandmayhem

Lucky mum of 5 great kids and wife to a great husband. Life has not always been smooth, we have our ups and downs but we've never been out! Here's me looking (where possible) for the bests bits. My questions and searching for some answers...

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