Before it all went bad…

I look online at pregnancy calculators to see what date said baby is due.

I am, apparently, 4 weeks pregnant on one site, 5 weeks and 4 days on another site and somewhere between the two on another 5 sites. I think they have the month right so we’ll just head for that I guess.

So, I have approximately 8 months to find another bedroom lurking in the house somewhere that I have not yet come across.

So much for my spectacular ‘We’re having a Baby’ announcement.

The Husband was as unimpressed by the (glaringly obvious) blue lines on the tests as he was with the other 12000 negative tests before them.

‘I won’t believe it until I see it.’ He says.

‘See what?’ I say.

‘The baby.’ He says.

I show him the Digital test with the word ‘pregnant’ displayed in the window.

‘What does that mean?’ he says.

The Husband has quickly learnt not to upset an emotionally fraught pregnant woman. He has learnt that if he does can expect a reaction similar to that of taking a packet of crisps off of a really big Polar Bear.

Author: methemandmayhem

Lucky mum of 5 great kids and wife to a great husband. Life has not always been smooth, we have our ups and downs but we've never been out! Here's me looking (where possible) for the bests bits. My questions and searching for some answers...

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