Love Hurts…

Number 2 and Number 2 + 1 have had a row.

I tried to not get involved but they both kept hovering around me for something – for what exactly I’m not sure of as I know they both wanted me to stay out of it but they wouldn’t go away!

I try to mediate for 30 seconds, jumping from one view point to the other but it’s not helpful.

They both stomp around the house sulking like they own it, or at least are contributing to the mortgage.

I quietly make tea.

‘I don’t want any.’ Snaps Number 2 but takes his seat at the table anyway.

6 seated at the table. No one speaks, all too afraid that we might tip the balance.

The Husband and I eat in silence at our own kitchen table, in our own house, with heads bowed like naughty school children.

Number 2 + 1 can’t eat and she looks close to tears, she storms off to her house a short while later.

An hour later the issue has been resolved and she’s back, and we all breathe a sigh of relief and I’m grateful to get into bed!

Author: methemandmayhem

Lucky mum of 5 great kids and wife to a great husband. Life has not always been smooth, we have our ups and downs but we've never been out! Here's me looking (where possible) for the bests bits. My questions and searching for some answers...

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