Good News…(but not for long)

The Husband texts while I am triple checking the 5 tests.
‘Ok?’ he says.
‘I’m happy.’ I say whilst I work out the best way to tell him!

I want to show The Husband the stark blue line on the tests but when I look at them several hours later they’ve all but gone and have shrunk to an non-descript slither that he is very unlikely to be able to see unless he has a microscope in his pocket!

I should have bought a digital!
I didn’t so I will have to switch to plan B and a mutter of ‘I’m pregnant’ will just have to suffice!

I suddenly realise that we don’t have enough bedrooms in the house – we actually have nowhere to put a new baby!

Author: methemandmayhem

Lucky mum of 5 great kids and wife to a great husband. Life has not always been smooth, we have our ups and downs but we've never been out! Here's me looking (where possible) for the bests bits. My questions and searching for some answers...

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